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Chapter 10.1: Luminaria


Chapter .0000899

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you in." A large colt blocked the door to a large hut.

"But I just want to see the alicorns!" A young mare pleaded.

The colt shook his head. "No. The sister are busy right now discussing the new castle. Nopony is to disturb them." the colt firmly stated.

She brushed her pure black hoof in the dirt before frowning and turning to leave. As she did the door opened and the head of a pure white alicorn came out. The alicorn looked down and saw the young mare turning to leave.

"Oh." She looked at the mare. "Hello pony, what are you here for?"

The mare turned around at the sound of Celestia' voice. "I wanted to speak to you and Luna regarding the current state of the tribes."

Celestia raised her eyebrows. Not many ponies wanted to talk about politics before, let alone someone so young. Celestia looked at the mare, they looked like somepony who had something important they wanted to say.

"Alright, come inside and let's have a talk."

"But Celestia-" The guard stammered.

Celestia held up her hoof to stop him. "We have finished our plans for the castle, she may come in."

The colt stepped aside and nodded his head at the mare. Celestia held the door open while the mare walked into the wooden hut. She had never seen a building so large, it almost seemed to be bigger on the inside then the outside.

She walked inside, ogling the various decorative pieces strewn about the large room. At the back sat a circular rug with five sphere stones lying on it. The mare's black coat seemed to stand out among the colorful decorations in the hut.

Celestia walked to the back to where Luna was sitting. She sat next to her in front of the Elements of Harmony.

"Luna, this is our new guest. She says she wants to talk about the three tribes." Celestia told Luna.

"Most exciting, we do not often get ponies eager to discuss such things." Luna perked her ears up and studied the mare. Luna crossed her front legs as she sat more comfortably. "Please start by telling us your name, pony."

The mare swallowed and puffed her chest out. "My name is Kakia."

Luna smiled at her guest. "Welcome Kakia, we appreciate you taking such an interest in our efforts to unite the three pony tribes peacefully.We'll answer whatever questions you might have."

Kakia gave a desperate smile. "I was wondering if you had any way of making the three tribes into one big one."

Celestia and Luna thought for a moment.

"As of right now we do not have any plans to make them join into one large group." Celestia explained. "The earth ponies, pegasi and unicorn tribes are all doing their jobs and helping each other out just fine as it is now, so we do not think it wise to interrupt this."

Kakia's smile started to fade. "But...but there are still ponies who are poor. Some of them don't have enough food to keep themselves fed."

"Yes, we realize this and we are actively working on setting up a system that will benefit everypony." Luna said. "While we have always overseen the population we have never set up a system like we are doing now, and we are using as little restrictions as possible."

"But what you're doing isn't enough." Kakia started to frown. "You need to make ponies share with each other more."

"We do not believe it is wise to force something like that on anypony. Forcing the earth ponies to give up more food then they already share will only make them more hungry and angry." Luna said. "We know that this may leave some without very much food, but we cannot hope to feed them all."

"That's not good enough!" Kakia started raising her voice. "Everypony should be able to eat!"

"Kakia," Celestia spoke calmly. "you seem very zealous  about this topic, might I ask why?"

Kakia looked at Celestia and grew slightly angry.

"I care so much because I grew up on my own, I didn't have anypony to care for me. Someone should have come to me and helped, but nopony did, because nopony was made to! It was awful, years of living alone, growing up watching the world move on without me. I didn't even know who my own parents were."

"But I figured out what I was supposed to do. I figured out why I was seemingly placed here without anything to my name. I realized that I could change the world, make everything better. If normal ponies are not capable of bettering their own lives, then they need somepony smarter to make them!"

Celestia and Luna sat in shock. They had never even thought of forcing ponies into a system of laws.

"Every pony should be equal. We are all the same so we should all be treated the same." Kakia continued. "Every single pony should be placed on the exact same level, no one may rise above the rest. That is the only way things can truly be fair for everyone."

"We already do believe that every pony is equal." Luna said. "But each tribe of pony has duties they must fulfill for all to survive. That is the balance we strive to achieve. If one is not allowed to do what they wish, then their dreams are crushed. They will lose the strive to better themselves to fulfill their ambitions, and thus they lose the drive to work hard."

Kakia grew even more angry. "Dreams mean nothing!" She stomped her hoof on the ground. "What good do dreams do to somepony with an empty belly? You can't eat dreams, dreams can't put a roof over you, dreams mean nothing compared to things like food."

"Do you wish to take away a ponies freedom to dream?" Celestia sternly asked.

"I wish for every pony to be the same, and if dreams and ambition get in the way of every pony living the same then they should be cast aside."

Celestia shook her head. "I understand what you want. You want to make everyone like yourself. You wish to take away a pony's freedom and make them all the same, because you don't want to feel left behind."

"WHAT?!" Kakia shouted.

"And you want something even more sinister as well." Luna said with a frown. "You want power. I can feel it coming from you it is so strong. Your desperate plea for power is what drives your thoughts, not making a perfect world."

"And who are you to say what drives me?" Kakia continued shouting. "Is it just because you are alicorns? Does that make you better than the rest of us?"

"It does not!" Luna said. "It means we understand all of the different kinds of ponies more than anyone else can. We strive to better every single one of the ponies we rule over, that is what makes us fit to rule and someone like you unfit. We care about them while you wish to turn everything into a state were you will always be better."

Kakia stood in place, gritting her teeth. She had come to prove to them that she could rule better then they ever could, but now she felt like they were attacking her. They talked to her like they thought she didn't understand anything.

"If everyone is the same then everyone is happy!" Kakia yelled.

"If everyone is the same then there is no everyone!" Celestia said back. "They do not become a civilization, they become a swarm of bugs, mindlessly following orders with no individual thoughts or emotions."

Celestia frowned. "What you propose will turn a colorful world into a grey mess, devoid of life or love."

Kakia stood in front of the alicorns, her nostrils flaring in rage. "If a pony will not listen then they should be made to listen! You two are too weak. You sit atop your high throne and waste your power. I would use that power for the greater good, why do you fail to understand that?!"

Celestia stood up. "I think it is time you left Kakia. You wish to rule with anger and for the sake of power. You will not be allowed to rule anything."

Kakia's anger threatened to tear her apart from the inside. She felt so much hate for the two alicorns in that moment that the only thing she wanted to do was kill them right there. Her horn started to glow a faint blue.

Luna stood up next to her sister, preparing herself in case Kakia attacked them. Kakia stared daggers into Celestia's eyes, so desperate to kill her but knowing she could not achieve it. She looked behind the sisters and saw the Elements of Harmony sitting in a circle.

Luna saw Kakia looking at the Elements and shifted her stance to interrupt Kakia's gaze.

"Do not even think about touching the Elements." She said sternly. "Leave here, leave this town and do not come back."

Kakia turned her eyes to Luna and felt a new wave of rage. For a second she thought back to the Elements of Harmony, and in that moment a new idea started to form.

A new idea that would let her have what the alicorns denied her. She had never known why she seemed to be born with so much anger when nopony else was, but now she knew.

She turned around and stormed out of the hut past the surprised guard. Celestia and Luna followed her to the exit and watched her leave.

Kakia stomped her hooves on the ground and yelled at the top of her lungs. In a flash her horn glowed and she vanished, leaving the small collection of thatched huts in peace once more.

Luna turned to Celestia and sighed. "I feel bad for her. I have never seen a pony so hurt before, do you think we were too hard on her?"

"Perhaps, but she was dangerous. She wanted total control, and that is something that only sprouts from selfishness." Celestia frowned, watching the spot where Kakia disappeared.

Near the edge of a river a black unicorn appeared with a flash of light, a unicorn that had been the first to fully understand what it meant to hate.

Never before had the river seen such rage and jealousy. All the water flowing down the river could not dream to match the amount of hate that flowed through that one unicorn.

The hate that corrupted the mind of the pure black pony.

The hate that gave itself a new name for it's new purpose of taking the power it so desperately craved.


The world's newest nightmare.

A little "bonus chapter" I did that explains the part that was mentioned in ch 10 where Celestia mentions she had met Luminaria before. I figured since I didn't elaborate on that, I should do it here to give a little more to the character.

In all honesty, I'm not particularly happy with this mini-chapter, and I'm not sure it sets her up as a proper villain enough, considering it kinda goes into the grey area of politics a little bit. But hopefully her evil intent comes forth clearly enough.
She did bring the darkness in everyone's heart into the open and cause wars and fighting for a few thousand years, so that's pretty evil.

Ch 1: [link]
Ch 10: [link]
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Sleepingcobrox Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist
Should've used this in the main chapter. It would've been more fitting in the main chapter because I feel like you could develop her into a better character provided that she would have motive to go after Celestia and Luna.

She is a character I believe that you could polish further because it could be more epic. Perhaps implement this mini chapter into the actual chapter so that the main chapter can flow better?
MrFugums Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
Good point.
I hadn't written this part out until just now, I never actually planned on doing it because I felt having a simple "she's evil because she is" trait might help put more focus on how NNM's actions drive the other characters.
But as to integrating it back into the chapter, I'll put it on my to-do list. Thanks for the suggestion.
Jemima2050 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Whoo, it was quite the break not to have my brain melted by the sheer amount of text. ;)
I actually liked this chapter; it shows that simple emotions like jealously and anger can become much bigger things.
MrFugums Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012
He he, yeah I'm trying not to overwhelm with wurds.

And btw, I think I've discovered the secret to positive feedback. ALL I HAVE TO DO IS SAY I DON'T LIKE IT AND PEOPLE PITY ME :O

Nah, just kidding xD
Jemima2050 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Well, it works :XD:
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