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Submitted on
July 3, 2011
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NOTE: This short story is written around a song by Makkon06, please read the description to listen to the song before or during the story, as it was written with that song as the focus.

"Trixie, you are a talent." The Great and Powerful Trixie closed the door to her trailer behind her. She had just finished another show in Trottingham, and it had gone over spectacularly. She sat down in front of her mirror and removed her hat and cloak.

Those were her most prized and most beloved treasures, under them she was somepony great, somepony that everyone wanted to see and laugh with and be amazed by. She felt invincible under that hat, like she could take on the world, but more importantly, she felt something else under that hat and cloak.

She felt loved.

Trixie went over to her gramophone, another of her prized possessions. It was one of the few things she always took with her on her travels as she roamed Equestria, a restless soul looking for a place to find love.

Slow music started to flow from the device, filling the trailer with a smooth, sad melody. Trixie slowly brought her forelegs to a waltz position, her right hoof hanging in the air by itself. She drifted back and forth, her eyes closed. This was her favorite song, she listened to it every single night, waltzing to it's calming melody.

She felt the sound take over her movements, moving about the room in a lonely waltz. Trixie felt calm, but it was a sad calm, one that was not brought by peace, but by an accepted sorrow. The music moved her throughout the trailer as she danced by herself. She turned to the rack that held her hat and cloak and bowed in front of it.

"Shall I have this dance?"

A blue pony with white hair stepped forward, she was wearing a blue hat adorned with stars and a blue cloak that seemed to shimmer with a beautiful glow. Trixie joined hooves with the pony, their bodies intertwined with each other in a waltzing position.

Trixie began to dance, matching step by step with the other pony. Their movements moved Trixie throughout the room, keeping pace with one another. Trixie closed her eyes once more, feeling the warmth of their arm around her midsection and the embrace of their hoof in hers.

She danced with this other pony amidst her trailer, feeling completely at peace with herself and the world, she felt as though nothing she did mattered anymore because she had found all she had ever wanted.

She felt that at last, she could die in peace. All she ever wanted was to have someone remember who she was, someone to notice her, someone to know she existed. She just wanted to be loved by someone, anyone. If she could make someone, even one person miss her when she would be gone, it would have all been worth it.

She leaned her head into the shoulder of the other blue pony and simply danced. Waltzing with the apparition she felt like she could finally stop this endless journey she had been traveling so long.

The song picked up it's pace causing the two ponies to step faster about the room. Trixie closed her eyes harder as she danced faster and faster, each step squeezing the apparition tighter to her heart desperately.

The song reached it's ending, announcing itself with loud, rhythmic clashes. Trixie stopped at the end, her heart aching from every emotion in her soul. She opened her eyes to an empty room, she was alone once more.

She dropped her forelegs back onto the floor and stepped over to the mirror. She looked into the mirror and saw herself wearing her hat and cloak. She looked into her eyes and saw the lonely gaze returned by her reflection.

She brought her hoof up to the mirror and the pony on the other side of the glass embraced her touch. She sat there grasping hooves with the pony in the other side of the glass. Her gaze dropped down to her desk and she placed her forehead on the mirrored glass.


Her eyes could no longer contain her emotions, they let her sadness and loneliness pour out of her eyelids and streak down her face.

"I'm right here...."

She sobbed for what seemed like hours, letting herself be taken over by her deep sorrow.

"Where are you?"

"Please, someone...."

"I'm  right here...."

A short story based on a song made about the Great an Powerful Trixie, it is an incrediblely deep song that is about the side of her that just wants to be loved.
Listen to it here: [link]

This story is written for Trixie and people like her, may they find purpose as they dance alone...

I wrote this in about an hour. Let me know what you guys think.

"Behind every puff of smoke,

behind every burst of sparks,

behind every show of hand,

lays a person, an artist, just wanting people's approval, people's affection, people's attention.

Someone who just wants people to know who they are, to be loved, so they leave behind a part of themselves with this world...

Someone who just wants someone to remember they exsist...

Trixie, may your soul find love as you dance to the music of your lonely desires..."
-FasterThanRainbows (Youtube)
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gexisunderrated Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
The only question I have with this story is the other blue pony a copy of Trixie that she imagines when she is waltzing?

Other than that, short and wonderfully heartbreaking story.
MrFugums Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
The blue pony is anyone, Trixie doesn't know who her heart yearns for, just anybody really.
So she's imaginary. She's waltzing with herself because ain't got no one else to do it with.
SmokeyTales Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I kind of took the blue pony to be her alternate persona, the version of herself she admires and respects, Trixie the Great and Powerful, is who she saw herself dancing with, that magnificent mare taking a little time to acknowledge the existence of Trixie the Great Big Nobody. I found it to be quite a powerful concept, as the person she admires most in the world is completely fictional, but exists because she wills that person too. Without Trixie to put on the visage of her glorious stage self, there would be no Great and Powerful Trixie to begin with. Yet the love she holds for the person she has created she can not find in the person she is. A truly tragic fate, and one that none can help to resolve but herself...
MrFugums Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
This is the kind of thing that makes writing stuff worth it, people actually thinking about the ideas behind it.
Jesserfly Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I know ya feel, Trixie :(
Jesserfly Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Aww I almost cried :(
MajorasWaker Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
An excellent, be it very saddening write, it goes really well with the song!
MrFugums Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013
Thank you!
xMeganiumx Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o.o Niceee pieceeee.
beasert Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012
Was listening to the waltz and found this. As I read, the music played along with the story and added to the emotions displayed. Good job.
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