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Oh....oh my goodness...
The season 7 premiere was EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR.
Celestia secretly being a Changling for the past 3 seasons was a complete shock. I also loved how they handled Purple Pine's performance, she is a perfect replacement for Applejack.

Season 6's ending kinda fell flat, which I guess is what happens when you give the reigns to a Japanese studio for a season, but maaaan they pulled the story out of that tailspin pretty good. Killing off Twilight's long lost twin was the best decision the writers ever made.

And how about that meteor impact? The scene of the moon being destroyed was animated so well. This finale is gonna be the best, can't wait to see if Pinkie Pie will make it out of her coma after peering into the Infinite Well.

(By the way, Hasbro, nobody likes how you replaced "My" with "Our" in the title to encourage sharing. It's stupid and you're ruining everything.)
kantayeni Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
wait... what??
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